“Thanks so much for this – I love it! It’s got the perfect dark look and feel. It is all mystery.”

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The books of the Night School Series

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Christi Daugherty is the international best-selling author of the Nightschool Series, The Secret Fire and soon to come The Echo Killing.

The Requirements

Christi has written two series of books for young adults, and is about to start a new crime series for adults, which is why the look and feel of the website needs to updated. It has been geared more towards teens before, and now needs to feel more adult. Books are personal choices and these days readers want to feel connected to authors. They want to feel like they know them and can reach them. Christi would like her website to feel both accessible and aspirational.

Christi wanted a website that was dark and full of shadow.  Moving into the Crime Fiction genre, a darker style would be more appropriate.  Keywords for the design were simplicity, darkness and above all to get the feeling of a crime writer.

The new Echo Killing is set in Savannah and Christi wanted to launch the site with that book at the forefront.

WordPress was the chosen platform as Christi was already used to working with the platform.

The Solution

The subtle background image is of a creepy wood and you can just make out the dark lines of the trees at midnight.  This sets the scene for the crime writer.

A showcase image on the home page with the Echo Killing cover completes the scene.

Red buttons and links stand out well against the dark background.  Red is an emotionally intense colour, it represents fire and blood, love and passion so was the ideal choice for this project.

The font family is Open Sans, straightforward and readable.  The author’s name is an adaptation of Copperplate – Christi wanted her name to be big and bold and this fitted the bill.

Books are organised by series on the home page and clicking on the books link from the main navigation takes you to the main page where you can select the series you wish to view and then see the books in order of publication, the last published at the top.  I have found difficulty in the past with author sites where you want to read the next book in the series but it is never clear what that is.  Here we have a subtitle indicting the series number for each book.

The news section is laid out in an easy to read and visually pleasing grid.  Each item linking to view the full article where visitors can add their comments and share on social media, via branded buttons.

Visitors are encouraged to sign up to Christi’s newsletter and there are prizes to be won when they do.

Main Features

  • Custom website design and author’s name ‘branding’
  • Home page feature and custom layout
  • Built on the WordPress platform this site is very easy to edit and manage. It is easy to:
  • Create and manage book listings
  • Add and edit news articles
  • Embed video
  • Edit page content and images
  • The website adapts to screen size for a great browsing experience regardless of device
  • Images are resized to fit automatically no matter how small the screen
  • Contact forms and MailChimp newsletter sign-up forms
  • Social media links and sharing buttons enable the business to raise its profile on the main social media channel
  • Search engine optimisation and redirection of old website pages to ensure no loss of page ranking
  • Import of all content from existing website


“Thanks so much for this – I love it! It’s got the perfect dark look and feel. It is all mystery.”

I loved this project and Christi was an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the way.