Monitor links you post on social media

Do you post links on Facebook or Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn?  Many people don’t have an easy way to monitor their links and can’t or don’t want to start delving into social media analytics.

The good news is that there is a really easy way to track links, with bitly.

Bitly is a creator of bitmarks, which are saved for later website links. Bitly is also a link shortener, so creates links that take up less space. With bitly you can save, search, and organize all your links from around the web. You can group them and share them.  On top of this, bitley produces some amazing statistics for free!

Start tracking your links

1.  Start by creating an account at

2.  Then copy the link URL that you want to use in your social media and paste it into the box on the top right of the screen and press enter

Bitly link shortener

3.  Bitly will create a shortened link as below

Bitly shortened link

4. Just click on copy and paste the newly formed link into your Tweet or update.  Easy.

Now the good bit!

When someone clicks on your link Bitly records the details and gives you the stats.  This is a great way to see which of your Tweets or Updates are the most successful in terms of clicks, which will enable you to focus on the more popular stuff in the future.

Bitly stats


For WordPress users there is even a plugin for bitly

WordPress Plugin

Plus if you are using Shareaholic to share posts from your Blog, you can add your bitly details to that and they will use bitly links every time a share button is clicked from your site!

The buttons at the bottom of this post are created by the Shareaholic plugin.  The links shortened via bitly so when I share my post on Twitter and someone clicks the link, bitly can tell me about it.

Shareaholic social media buttons

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