New Web Design for Platinum Credit


Platinum Credit Limited is a micro-finance company.  They employ in excess of 1,000 staff serving 80,000 clients.

Platinum needed a new website as most of their clients access the site via mobile devices and they needed a site that worked well and looked good everywhere.

This is a fully mobile responsive website that enables the client to quickly get to what they need. The site follows Platinum Credit’s strict brand guidelines for colours and fonts.

Interactive maps allow clients to find the nearest branch to their location.  A comprehensive FAQs section helps people online without them needing to make contact, they can apply online direct from their phone. Clients can view testimonials from others and add their own feedback directly to the website, naturally all submissions are moderated by Platinum Credit staff.  Candidates can view job vacancies and apply for jobs via the careers page.

The site is optimised for all search engines including Google.  The regularly updated blog helps search engine rankings as content is shared and distributed via several social media platforms, all linking back to the website.

“Just as an aside I have been looking at the PCL data and their website did really well last month.  The SEO is clearly loads better as June is the first time they have done no advertising this year.  Especially organic has taken a real up turn. Thanks for all your work on this.”

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