New website design for iwatchmedia

Web design for desktop and mobile for iWatch Media

A new website and mobile design with a content management system built on the WordPress platform.

This website showcases a portfolio of videos, with a central animation on the home page.

Philippa Mina is a founder of iwatchmedia and she has been in television broadcasting and production for more than 16 years. Combining insightful journalism with high quality creative film making, they produce outstanding videos and editorial content.

Tracey, thank you for such fantastic work on my website. It was a creative risk on my part trying to bring together the elements of animation and illustration with a serious journalistic edge. You managed to combine the style and content beautifully, whilst ensuring the site works clearly and well for anyone visiting it on any device. The video elements work seamlessly which was critical. I was very impressed how well you helped to turned my somehwhat scattergun brief into a clear vision and I really appreciate the hard work and thought that you put in, as well as the undertanding that you showed towards my business and its aims. Thanks again for such a great job. Philippa Mina, Managing Director IWATCHMEDIA.

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