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Gill is an independent coach and executive coach. Gill’s strengths lie in creating a confidential, safe, supportive and non- judgemental space for you to explore what you truly want.  With a wide variety of insights and tools to draw upon, we will find out what might be holding you back and identify the stepping-stones to reach your goals.  She will celebrate your successes with you and support and encourage you through the challenges on the journey.

Gill needed to bring her website up to date and wanted to be able to edit her content herself.  She was also keen that people should be able to access her site well regardless of the device that they were using.

Keeping the existing branding I developed a site with the stepping-stones theme that Gill wanted.  This is a brochure style website with useful guides in the form of PDF downloads, which can be accessed once the visitor has added their details.  Gill has loads of testimonials and these are displayed throughout the site.  The pages all have a slightly different layout and the buttons and graphics match the branding.  I kept with a traditional font (Georgia) for the headings but a more contemporary font (Proxima) for the body. Gill can edit the text and images whenever she needs to through a simple interface.  The website is Google ready, mobile friendly and lightning fast thanks to WP Engine.

Hi Tracey, I love it 🙂  One very happy customer.  I will certainly continue to recommend you.  Thank you for a great and efficient job.

I signed up to attend a days training and almost by return was asked if I would present at a future session.  I asked what led to the suggestion.  A: “I looked at your website – and was suitably impressed”.  Great start, thanks Tracey

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