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WordPress porfolio website for the NewsMarket

Thank you again, so much. You have been amazing.
Anna Isaac

NewsMarket clients, include Adidas and Volvo

WordPress design, for the NewsMarket London

Responsive web design for London PR agency

The webdesign adapts to fit all devices, desktop, tablet, mobile


thenewsmarket are based in London, with global offices throughout the world including their head office in Atlanta, Georgia. They provide products and services designed to engage the target audiences of their clients. They offer the media unrivaled broadcast quality content from leading corporations and non-profits to support newsrooms 24/7/365. Whether it is for television, news sites or blogs, when media professionals need video thenewsmarket is the place to go. thenewsmarket also builds online media centres, a brand newsroom housing  brand content and social media conversations in one easily accessible centralised resource.

Clients include Adidas, Volvo Trucks, Google, Lego, Maersk, Fedex, Proctor & Gamble and Reebok.

The Challenge

thenewsmarket required a stand-alone marketing website to send existing and prospective clients to.  A new crisp, corporate and contemporary marketing website, housing a blog and case studies to promote thenewsmarket brand.

The Solution

Sharing the story of brands is what thenewsmarket is about and so it made sense to create images that showcase the brands that they work with.  A full screen slider on the home page tells the visitor exactly what the business does and who their clients are.  I created the grid of boxes on the home page, some black, some photos to give the contemporary feel and also to provide a second level of navigation to encourage visitors to venture further into the site.

I created all of the icons and buttons in this website in the main theme colours, generally red and black but also some blue and green.  The paper aeroplane images had been used in a recent campaign and I thought these would be fun to use to punctuate pages and sections throughout. The heading font is a strong capitalised font called Oswald and the main body font is the contemporary Aller.

Some individual pages have custom designs, like the Get a Newsroom page, which includes a full screen background image with video.  This page also has its own image based navigation. The blog and case studies are all laid out in an attractive grid format, sortable by category.

Main Features

This project was all about providing a showcase ‘About’ section and blog for the client including:

  • Custom website and blog design
  • Custom designed slides for the home page image gallery
  • Development on the WordPress platform providing the client with full CMS editing capabilities
  • Blog, Case Studies, Staff Focus
  • Adapts to work on any device
  • Google maps
  • Social Media feeds and links
  • Contact Forms, ‘request demo’ buttons will bring up pop up forms to save space.
  • Integration with Pardot CRM Marketing


Thank you again, so much. You have been amazing.
Anna Isaac

I was so pleased to be chosen for this project for an award-winning media agency.  It gave me superb opportunities to produce branded digital graphics and to work with some really great people.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of bringing this website to life.

The Get a Newsroom page also has its own design ….

Get a Newsroom Page