Getting it Right!

Creating a fully scalable, responsive and beautiful web presence is only one part of a project. This business is built on reputation and the goal is simply to give excellent service and continue to exceed client expectations. Every project is carried out with attention to detail and pride in the end result.

Rapid response. taking pride in reliable communication at all times, you will always receive a quick response. Your project will be delivered on time, plus you will receive 6 months free support from the go live date.

All under one roof from design to technical implementation; from social media and content marketing to maintenance. Everything you need is here!

Web Design

Bringing your brand to life

We all know that first impressions are everything and choosing the right graphics, colour schemes, fonts and layouts are vital if we are going to attract your target market. To do that, it’s necessary to get right down to the nitty gritty of who you are and what you would like. Only then can a unique website design composition be produced for your review.
We can’t forget content strategy, the written elements of your website need to correspond with your brand vision and your goals. Content is often secondary for many people but the success of your site depends on a clear content strategy, I can’t design without it.

It’s important that there is total clarity between us, so we have a complete understanding of your business, your product, your vision, your objectives and your customers. You will receive a written specification, which you will review and agree before the project starts.

The Web Design Process

The Web Design Process


There is lots of functionality that can be used to engage your audience. Image sliders work really well, particularly if you include custom slides. They can depict the things you do, the brands you work with or the products that you sell. Here is a custom designed slide for Christi Daughterty Best Selling Author.

Website Design Graphics and Slides


WordPress Custom Theme Design

Designing for WordPress

The same design principles apply when I create a bespoke design for WordPress.

If you need to edit and update content via a reliable content management system, WordPress is for you. You can have a custom designed, completely unique WordPress site to showcase your brand. I’ve built lots of different WordPress sites with a ton of functionality. I choose it for my clients because it is the most versatile and best supported open-source CMS platform available.
The popularity of WordPress is quite simply down to versatility and ease of use. You don’t need to be a technical expert to add and edit copy, images or even video. The WordPress platform works for just about any type of website that you can think of from a simple 3 page brochure site to a full blown online store with 100s of products. Other usage examples include classified ads, business listings, portfolios, photography, online booking & hotel sites and events registration. If blogging is your thing you can easily integrate with your favourite social media channels.

Lots of features and extensions allow you to adapt your website to meet the needs of your visitors, be that now or in the future. You are safe too, WordPress has a massive community of developers to support it.

WordPress has grown to be the largest content management system in the world and the most popular open source CMS platform today; used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people. Many large organisations use WordPress including CNN, NASA, BBC. Samsung, Nokia and Yahoo.

The Newsmarket WordPress website design

The newsmarket WordPress website


Mobile Responsive Design

An essential component in modern websites

Next we need to consider all devices and browsers. Adapting for mobile devices gives your users the best experience. Google reports on its blog that 61% of visitors leave a website it if is not mobile ready and deems responsive web design to be best practice.
The main thing is that you deliver the same content via mobile as you do via desktop. Making sure your content is available to users however and wherever they access your site. It needs to load quickly too, these visitors are on the move and need information immediately.

With Responsive Design we target our website designs at device types and screen sizes. It’s a bit like pouring liquid into a glass, adapting to fit the container. Here is a basic example showing a smart phone, tablet and desktop scenario. You can see how the columns adapt their size to better suit the device.

That is a pretty simplistic description and there are lots of technical things that need to be done too, for example, menus need to be adapted to be usable on mobile, buttons must be easy to use with enough finger space around them and we must ensure that we don’t implement functionality that doesn’t work well on touch screens.

Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design

Penwartha Cottages on three screen sizes

You can see how this works in reality for Penwartha Cottages


Sell online with eCommerce

A lot more to consider with online selling

I talk about eCommerce separately because it is specialist stuff. Here you will get an eCommerce website that creates a showcase for your products, makes it easy for your customer to buy and is extremely easy to manage. In the end all you want to do is generate sales and grow your business – success!
eCommerce websites are very different because they need to drive the visitor at ever stage to ultimately make their purchase without any hurdles. They also need to be search engine friendly, so that when your potential customer searches for a product, your website comes up in the search results. As a rule visitors don’t tend to search for online stores by name, they tend to go looking for products by keyword search.

Check-out processes need to be simple and streamlined, there cannot be any barriers when converting a sale. Even better if checkout and all of the security that goes with it can be handled by a third party like PayPal, or by an external credit card handler such as Sagepay or Worldpay.

Then you need to make sure you comply with the EU consumer rights directive. Not doing so can be costly. Your web designer needs to be up to date with that and make sure the website complies. It’s important, I use a check-list to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Getting a great design goes without saying, your product display must be stunning to get that vital next click. When a visitor arrives to view the product detail they need to see a good description space, details of other products they might like and a clear “buy” button. Social media sharing is a must these days and online stores are amongst the most shared sites on the web.

Finest Seven is a beautiful eCommerce site

Finest Seven eCommerce Website


Website Development

Web and WordPress standards compliant

The structure of your website build is vital for it’s success. Technical excellence matters and you can be sure that your site will be precisely coded with up to date and reliable technology. It will also be fully tested on a range of devices and be standards compliant.
Sites are built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP and jQuery but you don’t need to be blinded with geek speak. Suffice it to say that I use the most contemporary methods to ensure that your website is future proof. WordPress have some pretty strict theme guidelines and I stick to those, ensuring you don’t have functionality issues in the future when WordPress does a major update.

Now more than ever a website needs to be an ongoing project. Things change so quickly that if the website is left alone and not touched for three years it can be past its sell-by date. A few ongoing tweaks and upgrades here and there keep the site current and also ensure that you don’t have to plan for a huge financial outlay the next time around.

I enjoy good relationships with a loyal client base. Understanding where they want to be with their website and helping them achieve their goals.

Bringing the Designs of Others to Life

Work is done for other graphic design agencies too. If you already have a design ready in Photoshop format it can be converted for you.

Development project for a graphic design agency

Development project for a graphic design agency

Development project for another graphic design agency

Development project for another graphic design agency


Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Built in from the ground up

I’ve had plenty of success with Google over the years, with clients benefiting from some great rankings.
Search engine optimisation is built in from the ground up on all sites. Helping ensure that your visitors will find you on Google and the major search engines. Speed is very important to Google. A fast loading site on desktop and mobile will help your rankings.

I give your site the best start to get you found by the search engines through correctly structured code and other hidden elements. I also use a top SEO plugin to ensue that your metatags are always correct. Plus I can help you set up with Google Analytics to enable you to monitor your website traffic and produce all kinds of reports.

Whilst everything is done during the website build to ensure that your site is optimised, if your keywords are subject to a lot of competition you will need to do a bit more work to get your site up the rankings. Blogging and social media will certainly help there.

We can discuss your options and what is possible before we start.


Google Doodle


Blogging and Social Media

These days a Content Marketing Strategy is vital

Most businesses are turning to blogging to create good quality, live content. Blogging about your business and what you know will demonstrate knowledge, build credibility and help you to gain trust in your market. Better engagement with customers through blogging and social media is the way to go.
Blogging is great for SEO – amazingly, there are businesses who have never had to invest in search engine marketing because their website naturally brings traffic as a result of consistently publishing new blog posts about topics that interest them and their market. Blogging can drive more search engine traffic to your site. Google loves good quality content and so will your visitors. Once you start to share your posts and interact through social media you will have a whole new audience.

Social media is a major player in the online presence for any business. Channels include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogs and so many more.

There are various tools I can provide to set you on your way:

  • Sharing buttons for blog posts, products and other relevant items.
  • Social media sharing icons so that your customers can easily follow you.
  • Social media feeds in your website, for example a Twitter feed or a Facebook box.
  • Automatic posting – very time you create a new post it can be automatically shared on your chosen social networks.
  • Newsletter sign up boxes.

Thus your website becomes the hub for all of your online activity, you can refer people back to your blog and to your website through adding a link to any Tweet, update or image. Driving traffic back to your site and growing your online credibility is what it is all about.

Blogging and social media

Blogging and social media


Ongoing Maintenance

Peace of mind

I provide 6 months free support for all new website projects.
If you have a platform like WordPress it is necessary to carry out updates from time to time to ensure optimum security. It is also necessary to keep backups of the site, monitor the user base and monitor the health to ensure there is no malware present. You will have the tools in place to do all of these things yourself and by the end of the six months free support period you should be comfortable with everything you need to do to maintain your website. However, some clients prefer to take out a maintenance contract at this stage. This is completely optional.

The Maintenance Contract Includes:


  • Updates to WordPress, theme, and plugins (as needed)
  • Verify site after updates
  • Malware scans
  • Broken link checks
  • Removal of spam comments and excess post revisions
  • Full site backups (both database and files)
  • Restore your site from backup in an emergency
  • Help and support with using your WordPress site

Price: £35/month


  • All of the items included option 1
  • Content updates
  • Portfolio update

Price: £70/month

The Maintenance Contract Does Not Include:

  • Hosting support
  • Email Support

You can view the maintenance contract terms here »