The New Multi-Screen World

Understanding cross-platform consumer behaviour

I recently viewed this Infographic on the Google blog.  It is all about how people interact with online media via various devices.

The new multiscreen world

It is definitely true that users are looking at websites on their mobile devices when they are out and about and then revisiting those websites when they get home. In fact 90% of people move between devices to accomplish their goal.

I very often will bookmark a website for later viewing when I am on a train with my iPhone  and the same when I am half watching TV with a tablet device. If I sit to watch TV these days it is always with a tablet computer in hand, very useful when I want to know where the latest Midsomer Murders was filmed!

Buying a product online or managing travel arrangements no longer occurs on a single device, most users move between several screens in a single day to complete their tasks.

The message therefore is clear and simple, a website that doesn’t capture the attention of the mobile visitor could be seriously missing a trick.

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