The value of Twitter in your business

There are well over 100,000,000 Twitter users worldwide and research suggests that more than three quarters would consider contacting a business via Twitter. Many connect with brands on Twitter to receive promotions and discounts.

The benefits of using Twitter for businesses are numerous:

  • Position your brand and extend your web presence
  • Find out the buzz about you and your industry
  • Network and engage with business and consumers
  • Share interesting content and links
  • Send traffic back to your website or blog
  • Provide customer support

As little as a couple of Tweets a day is OK.  The subject matter should not be varied and not pushy.  Tweet about current affairs or general news, tweet about your industry and then tweet about your business, offers/what’s happening etc.

My absolute favourites are those who send up to 10 Tweets a day and occasionally make me laugh. I understand the need to get the message out but why not just send the titles, not the whole film? By the time I have read an email about a friend’s message, read a text about a voicemail, had a conference call about a meeting and learnt a new language (you know imao, lol) I am quite worn out!

Sticking to what you would normally talk about if you met someone face to face is a good guide, would you tell them that you had soup for lunch?  Probably not but you might tell them of the latest techno gadget or upcoming event.

Follow people in your own business sector to get the buzz about your industry.  Following news publications can give some interesting and entertaining content to Tweet about.

This infographic from Yell takes a closer look at the business benefits of Twitter. It’s a good starting point for brands who are still on the fence about how and why Twitter can work for them. Download Twitter’s own guide here »

Twitter tips for business

Infographic by Yell Marketing


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