Why one should never do freebies

Simple answer is because if you don’t associate a monetary value, nobody values it – or you!

Discount is not a very nice word either but if you have to discount to meet a client’s budget then it is important to also reduce the service or product offering that you are delivering.

Nobody expects to buy a Rolls Royce for the same price as a Ford Focus and that is because these are completely value brands.

Each can justify their cost in their own way and it is perfectly reasonable that we, as designers, should do the same.  If the client wants that extra slider or graphic element but cannot afford to pay for it, then they should not get it.

There is probably a compromise between the two prices that is a true value proposition for you both.




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  • Another one for you – ‘potential’ clients on the phone for an hour, not a word since. Some people call that ‘consulting’ and charge mucho $$$ for it 🙂

  • traceyrickard

    Absolutely! Need to toughen up I say 🙂

  • Stephen Barr

    The gift is in the giving

    On the specifics of your post, (1), (2), (3) and (4) are all individual people I would probably not bother to help again either…but the very fact that a person ‘puts out’ is one of the things I find most attractive in those people who do. And that fact that it sounds like in (1), (2), (3) and (4) you were helping people who are not that-way inclined doesn’t alter the fact that you did a good thing.

    The lack of a simple ‘thank you’ drives me nuts sometimes too.

    But also, you just never know when consistent acts of kindness randomly come back to ‘thank you’.

    In fact, it was your own consistent help, patience and understanding, along with my belief that you were going out of the way to help someone who just didn’t ‘get it’ very easily that meant that I haven’t considered for a minute asking anyone else to lead on the revamp. (I recall that before I’d spent a penny with you, you gave me quite a lot of unpaid advice, which I found both helpful and which helped me put you in my ‘good person’ box.

    I’ve also just recommended you to a work associate too – you may get a call from ‘Ian Thomas’ of Jobsworth Recruitment at some point.