A Client is for Life Not Just for the Project!

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It really makes my day when I receive feedback like this …

Hi Tracey
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Thank you for doing that so quickly I really appreciate it.
Best Wishes

In this case Sarah had been getting loads of spam enquiries from her contact form.  She needed to set up a Recaptcha system for her WordPress eCommerce website (the thing where you have a box to tick to say you are not a robot).  It was done for her within 2 hours.  Spam can be really damaging for any website and it is important to deal with it before it gets completely out of hand.

Whenever one of my clients contacts me for help I make sure I action their request as quickly as I can.  My most valuable asset is my client base, they are the ones who will refer me to their colleagues and friends and theirs is the loyalty that makes my job worth doing.  They always come first and I tend to turn away some smaller requests from non-clients as that could affect my availability when my own clients need me.

I have never really thought about the reasons for speedy responses but I guess it comes down to wanting to always do the best job and be seen to be doing so.  That’s important.

I spent 17 years at Vodafone Corporate in customer facing roles and so it becomes second nature after a while.  Working hard to deliver what I promise has always been a strong work ethic, setting realistic deadlines always helps but if necessary I will pull out the stops and never let the client down. Always ringing back and responding quickly to emails is good manners, a basic requirement.  I have never understood how people can just ignore clients to the point that they get so angry they go elsewhere.  Shameful!

Many of my clients have a maintenance contract, which means that I look after the security and updates for their WordPress site.  For those clients I always do my utmost to respond to them within an hour or two.  It’s not always possible – I am not chained to my desk – but it is not very often that they need to wait.  In the case of the Recaptcha form here, Sarah has a maintenance contract that doesn’t really cover this kind of work but as it was so quick to do I didn’t charge her.  It’s not always free, it depends on the size of the work request but generally requests can be handled pretty quickly with WordPress.

Goodwill gestures go a long way and whilst you never give to get back in return, there is bound to be a bit of kudos along the way 🙂

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