Add a Hyperlink to your WordPress Post or Page

WordPress help with links

In your WordPress post editor create the text you would like to add a link to – e.g. Link Text.

Highlight the text with your mouse.

Showing highlighted text

Click the WordPress link icon above in the bar above your post content editor.

Click insert edit link

WordPress Inline link dialogue box

This will open the box below.

You can paste in a full link including the http:// or you can type in some keywords to find content in your own site to link to.

Once you have the link you want in the box, click on the blue carriage return button to add it.

Inserting an HTML link in WordPress

WordPress Full link dialogue box

If you click on the little cog on the right hand side of the link box it will open up the box shown below.

You can tick the box to open the link in a new window (this is generally not used so much any more as users prefer the browser back button, particularly on mobile devices.)

You can also search to link to your own existing content in your WordPress site.  When you are done click the blue add link button.

WordPress Insert Edit Link dialogue box

Remember to press the blue update button at the top right of the WordPress post editor to commit your changes.

Internal Linking

Google and other search engines use the number of links pointing to a webpage to determine how important that page is. Not only external links could help in ranking but internal links within your WordPress website could help as well. So if you have a page in your website that is very important you would make sure that you linked to it from several other areas of your website.   There are no limits to the number of internal links you can have on a page but obviously you will want to keep it readable and user-friendly.  As a rule of thumb it is a good idea to only add links that will be useful to the visitor. Useful article.

External Linking

External links coming into your website can be very valuable.  Google sees these as a third-party vote for your site and takes them into consideration as part of your search engine ranking. It’s a bit of a popularity contest – the more incoming links you have, the more popular you are in Google’s eyes and the higher you will rank.  When you link out to other people from your articles and pages remember that is not only an informational link but a vote for that external website.  So make sure the website deserves it:

  • Is the website you are linking to a quality website?
  • Is the content really relevant to your article?
  • Does the content you are linking to help to qualify the authenticity of the content within your article, does it build trust?
  • Are you accrediting someone for their content (important to do if you want to use text or images from  other sites because if you just copy that is duplication of content and Google will spam you for that)?
  • Is the link to the other website really valuable to your visitors?