Admiring other Web Designers

Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines but we all have a style and tend to like similar designs. These designs were done by others and they are sites that I find inspirational as a freelance designer.

The Immersive Garden

I love this site by Dilshan Arukatti, it is a stunning example of a 3D website design.  A great deal of work and imagination has gone into it. You have to switch on the light to view each page and then the animation builds from there.  I am not a big fan of music on websites but subtle music works brilliantly here.  The uniqueness and individuality of this site makes sure it is special and ensures it will remain safe from plagiarism forever. Visit the Immersive Garden»

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 14.00.09

Au Petit Panisse

This is such a warm web design. Essentially this is a photograph with text overlaid but it’s beautiful with wonderful tones; you wonder where the stairs go, what’s at the back of the restaurant or up the stairs. The text overlay is far from simple, the fonts were very dilligently chosen.

Au Petit Panisse - freelance web designers

Brooklyn Gin

Another well thought out photograph enhances this web design. I love the simplicity of this site, there is barely anything on the page but there is enough. It has impact and the bottles look like crystal against the brick wall.

Brooklyn Gin - freelance web design showcase

Abigail Warner

I think it’s the colours that really strike me with this web design. I love the soft blue and the pinks used to showcase what they do – design and print. The menu does not interfere with the photos and the strong call to action in the centre to view their design projects works well.

Abigail Warner - freelance design and print


Does what it says on the tin. Hot ideas from a branding agency. Again a really simple web design and virtually nothing on the page except for beautiful branding and ways to navigate.

Cayena Hot Ideas - freelance branding studio

Chris Wilhite

This a web design for a freelance cabinet-maker and the designers have showcased his work in an innovative way. I love the blocks but the clever bit is how each element has a text overlay. The fonts have been thoughtfully selected and the effect is beautiful.

Beautiful Freelance design

Again simple but striking web design.  A pattern is emerging!  Not only is the artwork beautiful here but the symmetry is something special too.  The logo overlay is stunning and they spent time choosing the text.  It’s clear that they care.

Enormous - freelance web design inspiration

Fior di Latte Gelato

The only real colour on this page is the ice cream.  The design is subtle and unobtrusive and it’s all about the product.  Very much makes you want one and that is great marketing.

Fiordi Latte Gelato - freelance web design inspiration


This is something slightly different and just a little bit quirky.  I like the defined block layout and the use of the script font makes this freelance web design just a little bit more fun.

Folly Home Wares - freelance web design inspiration

Food Sense

Any food gets a yes from me but when it is displayed beautifully that is even better.  Great images here and food is not easy to photography so they have done a good job.  A little bit of fun script text gives it a bit of personality.  Again a clean block layout web design, which I love.  Clean, contemporary and simple!

Food Sense - freelance web design inspiration

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