Changing Your WordPress Admin Username

Loving WordPress 4.8 update

The default WordPress username makes your WordPress website vulnerable to hackers. The popularity of WordPress with millions of users around the world also makes it one of the most targeted platforms and it is so important to keep your website secure.  ‘Admin‘ is the default WordPress username and every hacker in the world knows it.

There are many things you can do to keep your website safe from intruders and this is definitely the place to start. Changing your default WordPress admin username reduces the threat of brute force attack.  (A brute-force attack consists of an attacker trying many passwords with the hope of eventually guessing correctly).

The following method to change your admin username is very easy, anyone can do it.

You will add a new user and assign administrator role, delete the default admin and attribute all content of the old admin to the newly added one.

Here’s How

1.  Click on add new user in your WordPress admin dashboard
Add new user
2.  Add the details for the new user.
i) Make sure your username differs from your public display name.
ii) You cannot use an existing email address for the new user but you will be able to change this later
iii) Use the WordPress generated password – always.
iv) Set the user role to administrator.
Adding a new user
3.  Log out of WordPress and login again with your new user details.

4.  Click on users and select the admin user to delete.

Delete the admin user

5.  Click on delete. Make sure you do not delete the posts – here you allocate all of the posts created by admin to your new admin user.

Attribute posts to the new user

6.  That’s it, the new admin user is in place.  You can change the email address through the user panel now.

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