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Tracey Tracey Tracey – you are a gem!!! You have no ideas how much time I was loosing these past years not using this as I hadn’t understood how to use Canvas for logo so had been using a mix of Phonto and iWatermark which was not good and now I got it, have the logos uploaded and can see how many amazing options this tool offers!!! You made my day 🙂 Thanks for being so brilliant and look forward to our ongoing interaction, I will be in touch soon again! Have a lovely week-end. Charlotte

How good is that?

There are lots of online tools for creating images and Canva is one of the best. It’s easy enough for me to create custom images in Photoshop with writing over the top because I have been doing it for so long but my clients don’t need to rely on me any more, they can create some great designs themselves.

Canva uses a freemium business model. You can use it for free, but you need to upgrade to the premium version to unlock more features. For instance, the premium version of Canva allows you choose more design templates. You will also be able to create many folders to organize your designs.

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