Modern Font Trends & Innovations


2019 has been a vintage year in many ways for the design world but an area of that world that has perhaps been a little overlooked is fonts.

As a leading web designer in Dorset, the level of innovation taking place around fonts is certainly something I need to be aware of. With this in mind I have taken a closer look at trends and here are some points of interest.

Variable fonts

There’s a lot to think about as far as variable fonts are concerned, especially in today’s world of responsive web design.

A variable font is a single font file that behaves like multiple fonts. Their widths and weights are adjustable within a two-dimensional space. This is significant because historically if you chose to use a font like Futura you were restricted to their specified weights, for example Futura Bold and Futura Book.

By contrast, variable fonts enable the font’s width and weight to be adjusted by the user by way of a slider. So for those who prefer thinner letters or those who find a heavier font easier to read they can all be catered for in modern website design.

Colour fonts

You might wonder what all of the fuss is about with colour fonts, given that you probably already know how to alter a font’s colour without too much difficulty.

However, digital typography has until now been based on colour-agnostic vector font technologies. That means a given font contains vector shapes that do not have any colour information – so by default in most apps a black fill is applied to the characters.

This means that the creation of fonts sporting truly interesting and individual colours and textures often depends on a manual and tedious process of setting all of these parameters for yourself, or even drawing your own creative lettering.

Now, dedicated colour fonts are emerging, bringing multiple colours, shades, textures and transparency to typography. Now it is possible to turn any existing image into a font, prepare to see some very inventive scenarios.

Hand-drawn fonts

There are many ready made fonts already available that seek to emulate the ‘natural, handwritten’ look. These are cleverly derived from someone’s actual handwriting but that handwriting will always be someone elses rather than your own.

That’s why it is brilliant news that it is becoming possible to create beautiful hand-drawn fonts based on your own handwriting or the style of anyone that you choose. This is thanks to plug-ins and apps like Fontself Maker that bring easy-to-use font creation capabilities to Illustrator & Photoshop.

The above are just some of the font trends that have come on stream recently and which might just make a big difference to the individuality and distinctive appeal of your website. Perhaps it’s something to talk about when you select me as your web designer in Dorset?

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