Now Supporting PHP Server Updates

That whole title probably sounds completely double dutch and I don’t mean to blind you with geek speak. PHP versions will come to mean something when you’ve had a WordPress site for a while – at the very least the acronymn will be familiar.

I don’t support hosting servers! That is the job of the hosting companies and they are far better equipped to help when your website goes down due to server issues.

However, from now on I will support PHP updates when they become available on your hosting platform, providing you have an active maintenance and support contract with me. Your WordPress website will let me know when your PHP version needs to be updated. Recently it was necessary to update everyone to PHP 7.4.

Updating your PHP version makes your website run quicker. This is great for your visitors and great for SEO. Google loves fast sites.

If you don’t update PHP when necessary, your hosting company is likely to charge you a premium for having to upkeep an outdated version.

This is something you can do yourself but it can be complex, particularly when you are faced with a control panel full of server language and things that you have never heard of. Plus there is a chance that an updated version of PHP could break your website, if that happens you need to be confident that it will be fixed in super quick time.


In addition to this I will help with your SSL certificate. That is the thing that you buy from your hosting company that gives you the all important secure padlock to reassure visitors that your website is safe to visit. This is very important as Google is not too keen on sites that don’t have it. A good hosting company will provide this for free.

So there it is, I am keeping up with the times and making sure my clients get what they need to maintain a healthy and secure website. Running at half pelt on out of date software is no good for anyone!

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