Cartoon Resource eCommerce Online Shop

Selling hundreds of cartoons with comprehensive search functionality for Cartoon Resource – online store with WooCommerce and WordPress.

Cartoon Resource Home Page Design


Want cartoons for a presentation, a book, a speech, a website, social media or any other of a wide array of uses? Cartoon Resource can provide you with stock cartoons. Just enter a term in the search bar and click enter. Numerous cartoons will appear for you to select from. Choose your cartoon and instantly download for your need.  They will also create custom cartoons to your specification.

The Challenge

Cartoon Resource were looking for a brand new website. The key element is e-commerce to purchase the cartoon and then download capability to receive the cartoon without the watermark. The current site was very old, very clunky and not ideal. The logo needed to be updated.  Most importantly they wanted their customer to be able enter a term in the search box and click enter to find the right cartoons. Clients range from large corporations to 1 person organizations and include:, JetBlue, Bayer, and Merck.

The Solution

A fabulous eCommerce online shop that displays the cartoons beautifully.  Importantly every cartoon has a watermark so they cannot be downloaded without being paid for.  Once paid of course the watermark is removed.

Comprehensive search was another key element.  The vistor needed to enter their keywords and the results had to directly reflect what the visitor had entered.  We spent a lot of time getting this right, making sure the best solution for the job was deployed.

As with everything I do, this is a bespoke design build on WordPress to the client’s exact specification.  It’s all about the cartoons and I created the logo and colour scheme to reflect the creative industry that Cartoon Resource are in.  Purple is a colour for creatives.  I have used a Google font called Ubuntu, which is contemporary and easy to read, a perfect fit.

Cartoon Resource were up and running really quickly with adding and editing products, they were completely aufait with everyting in a week or so.

I love this website and I loved working with Nancy and Andrew, they really are wonderful people.

In Brief

  • Bespoke website design with upated logo; fully responsive design from desktop to tablet to smartphone
  • eCommerce online web shop built with WooCommerce and WordPress
  • Products that are easy to manage and upload, other content that is easy to manage
  • Comprehensive search and product category search
  • Shopping cart and easy checkout
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Blog with news, events and testimonials
  • All the necessary SEO elements for the perfect start

Oh my gosh.  WOOHOO.  Andrew and I are so excited.  THANK YOU so much.  It is beautiful and works incredibly fantastically.  WOOHOO!!! – Nancy Terrell

Thank you for your extraordinary work. You have gone above and beyond by many levels and then went above and beyond again. I am grateful – Andrew Grossman