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Web design for a documentary filmaker with video portfolio design and blog built on WordPress.

iwatchmedia WordPress design

iwatch media freelance WordPress Design


iwatchmedia combines insightful journalism with high quality creative film making to produce outstanding videos and editorial content. The business is led by Philippa Mina, a working current affairs reporter with more than 16 years experience in broadcasting and digital production. They have a high-profile client base.

The Challenge

iwatchmedia were looking for a website that was clean and contemporary with a newsy feel. This website is a showcase for a video production company, so the video portfolio page was very important. The brief was to portray a professional and yet approachable image and clearly demonstrate the company brand; not too corporate but equally not too small-time. A traditional newspaper style was the chosen format with some personal touches, Philippa felt that a journalistic style would enable the target market to easily relate to the business. Titles (headlines) needed to be attention grabbing and videos and images needed to stand out. The design keywords: clean lines, edgy but traditional newsprint style, black, white, red and blue.

The Solution

The website is designed in a classic newspaper style, which is professional but welcoming to the visitor. It also allows the market to easily relate to what the business is all about. The web design is not too corporate and hand-drawn imagery adds a personal touch and shows that the company is not all serious. Philippa commissioned an animation for the home page to describe the service and I used the characters from the animation throughout the site. The fonts are in a typical newspaper style and these are what really give the site a newspaper feel; I chose traditional colours. With a custom WordPress design it is very easy to manage all content.

In Brief

  • Video portfolio design with a newsy theme with featured graphics like ‘play button’ icons
  • WordPress website.
  • Video Embeds to showcase the portfolio
  • A blog is regularly updated to attract visitors and boost social media
  • WordPress – all content and images can be updated by the client
  • Google friendly and mobile responsive

Tracey, thank you for such fantastic work on my website. It was a creative risk on my part trying to bring together the elements of animation and illustration with a serious journalistic edge. You managed to combine the style and content beautifully, whilst ensuring the site works clearly and well for anyone visiting it on any device. The video elements work seamlessly which was critical. I was very impressed how well you helped to turned my somewhat scattergun brief into a clear vision and I really appreciate the hard work and thought that you put in, as well as the understanding that you showed towards my business and its aims. Thanks again for such a great job. Philippa Mina, Managing Director IWATCHMEDIA.

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