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Sainsburys and Royal British Legion WW1 advert

Sunday morning and a quick browse on Facebook, I am pointed in the direction of an article on the Guardian website, the title and strapline of which is …

Sainsbury’s Christmas ad is a dangerous and disrespectful masterpiece
In making the first world war beautiful to flog groceries the film-makers have disrespected the millions who suffered in the trenches”

… so you will get the gist!  Mind you these are the same people who said that the Poppies at the Tower of London were gloryfying war.  All a bit over the top.

We are all entitled to our opinion but here are a few facts:

  • Sainsbury’s have been one of the bigget supporters of the Royal British Legion for 20 years.
  • They raised £4.5m in 2013, set to be more this year with the sales of the WW1 chocolate bar.
  • Sainsburys were founded in 1869 and so probably know a bit about the war.
  • They have made this advert in partnership with the Royal British Legion.

At the end of the day, every large retailer will advertise at Christmas and to me the fact that Sainsburys have taken the time to make such a beautiful film is a good thing.  No it doesn’t show the full pain of war but that’s not the intention, it is not a documentary. I bought all of my christmas cards from the Royal British Legion yesterday, I wouldn’t even have thought of this if it hadn’t been for the advert.  I will buy them there every year from now on.

The one thing that this does hightlight is the power of advertsing and the conversations it can fuel.  I am writing about it!

Watch the ad, it’s powerful, beautiful and very moving … in my opinion!

On the subject of Christmas Adverts

I think Buster the boxer from John Lewis last year was a real corker. It made me smile so much it brought a tear to my eye.  Sometimes at Christmas I think retailers really want to please us.  They do so with a very small credit at the end of the ad, so I prefer to believe it is not all about self-promotion and the Christmas spirit remains true.

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