Is SEO Included?

Working with Freelance Web Designer


Search engine optimisation is built in from the ground up on all sites. Helping ensure that your visitors will find you on Google and the major search engines. I also use a top SEO plugin to ensure that your metatags are taken care of.

I’ve had plenty of success with Google over the years, with clients benefiting from page one rankings on many of my web development projects.

Speed is very important to Google. A fast loading site on desktop and mobile will help your rankings.

Structured data is important for Google to understand your content and to ensure that when you share on social media your data is correctly formatted.

Google’s mobile-first index means Google will create and rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content, even for listings that are shown to desktop users. It is vital that your website is optimised for mobile and all of the necessary elements taken care of.

Everything is done during the website design and build to ensure your site is optimised but if your keywords are subject to a lot of competition you will need to do a bit more to get a good ranking. Blogging and social media will raise your profile.