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I absolutely love designing and building websites with Squarespace. It has moved on so much over the years and now it is a platform that I am proud to offer to my clients.

Squarespace is perfect for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is ideal for those with a smaller budget. A small budget doesn’t mean a small presence, your custom website will still be tailored to your brand and will communicate your message correctly to your audience, ensuring that they will engage with your website and take the desired action.

What does it mean to you?

  • Complete web design service for a beautiful, perfectly structured website.
  • Tailored for your business and your branding
  • Identifably unique through the colour palette; images and their layout and placement; typography styles and sizes.
  • A professional website that shows off your talents
  • Present a high value proposition so that your prospective clients will be happy to pay.
  • SEO-optimized website, ready for Google and other search engines
  • Social media integration
  • Email marketing options
  • Responsive web design for all devices including mobiles and tablets
  • Your website delivered quickly without fuss
  • Painless to manage, confidently make future website updates yourself with ease

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My Website Design and Build Prices at a Glance

Complete web design service for a beautiful, perfectly structured website. Fully engage your visitors with a website that is Google ready, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and painless to manage.