There’s More to Web Design than Code and SEO

Being passionate about your chosen career is a must when you run your own business. You live, breathe, and eat with it morning, noon, and night. However, as with any business, there’s always a sole trader or a team (large or small) behind the brand.

Tracey Rickard Web DesignerSharing technical posts about WordPress, SEO, and Web Design is something Tracey Rickard can do with her eyes closed, but who is Tracey Rickard? There’s been a huge shift in how businesses run over the last few years and the growing trend for this year is to use a more personal approach to marketing and content creation.

The big influencers understand this and are now looking to work with people who may have fewer followers on social media but can offer that personal interaction. Our clients and customers want to know the face behind the tech, and the voice behind the products. People buy from people.

To this end, I’m delighted that Tracey has asked me to join her on the Tracey Rickard Web Design Blog to write her personal and reflective posts. I’m the fluffy blogger to her technical expertise, the beans to her toast, the…oh; you get the picture!

Here are Tracey’s thoughts on the changes….

‘I have always written my own blog posts on many subjects, mostly with a view to providing help and information to my clients from getting started with social media, to SEO tips and more detailed help with working with WordPress. This year I wanted to add a new dimension to my blog and have asked Shelley to write some interview style posts and focus on the ‘real life’ side of my business.  I am so lucky to have Shelley on board as she is not just a blogger but an award-winning author too.

I have plenty to write about as a business owner – I can write on all kinds of subjects to show myself as an expert in my industry or to show off my latest work, but that is not what this is all about. There is nothing greater than the work of a professional author to add some human interest and a bit of style and pizzazz. It’s all very exciting, so don’t forget to watch this space!’

For my part, I get to dig a little deeper beneath the surface of Tracey’s business role and find out more about her, not only as an entrepreneur and designer, but also about her passions, aspirations, achievements, and challenges. As a personal development writer, I’m fascinated by the personal aspect of any decision, success, or test, and love to share my findings in the hope this will be of benefit to a wider audience. It’s this fascination that drives me to seek out interesting stories, people, and places for my books and blogging platforms.

Working with Tracey allows me the opportunity to focus on the ‘real women and real lives’ aspect of writing which is a key element of my own mission statement.

I hope you join us on this voyage of discovery where we’ll be finding out that there’s much more to web design than code and SEO.

About Shelley:

Shelley Wilson

Shelley is an award-winning blogger and multi-genre author. She’s published ten books in the personal development and young adult fiction genres and creates blog content for her own platforms as well as that of her clients. She writes eCourses and workshops for new bloggers, small businesses, and authors.

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