Using Embeds in WordPress

Here is a really useful Video if you wish to Embed content within your WordPress post or page.

The most popular items to embed are videos and with good reason. It is wise to embed videos rather than upload them to your website because 1) you don’t end up using hosting server space and; 2) someone else does the heavy lifting so it does not slow up your page load speed. Popular video servers are YouTube and Vimeo. I have just started using Vimeo and find that to be excellent.

Embeds are a great way to add lots of different types of content without hosting it on your own website. It also keeps it legal, you are probably not allowed to publish someone else’s video but it’s fine to embed it.

WordPress Embeds do not end at Videos, there are so many things that you can embed Tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts, podcasts and music from Soundcloud or Spotify, galleries from Flickr and even Ted talks to name but a few. The full list of available embeds at the time of writing can be seen at the bottom of this post.

See how easy embeds are

Why would you want to embed?

Social Proof – The first reason I can think of is if someone has written something great about you on a social media platform. You would definitely want to embed that Tweet or post.

Useful Video – You might know of a video that would be really interesting or informative for your readers. Maybe it is a ‘How To’ video that you have published yourself.

Podcast Interview – have you done an interview about your business or a product/service? This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge. People love to listen and learn.

Product Promotion – do you promote products via your website. Maybe for other people? You could embed Instagram products directly into your posts if you are looking to make recommendations.

These are just a few reasons to embed but once you see what is available I am sure you will come up with a whole load more.

The List of Possible Embeds

WordPress Embed Blocks
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