Website Design and Popups vs Customer Happiness

I guess this is probably a bit of a rant on my part but there are other ways to convince a website visitor to take action without providing them with a raft of popups. Google were going to penalise websites with lots of popups but this action is not apparent as hundreds of sites still appear to be creating popups with wild abandon.

Visitors just look for the x to close the popup and half the time they don’t even see what the popup is about. Newspaper sites are probably the worst, you end up having to close up to half a dozen boxes before you get to read any content.

Why not write excellent content and then after the visitor has read your article add a call to action – sign up to read more! The visitor is likely to do this because they have already taken the time to read the article, so you have a captive audience. They are interested in your stuff.

I accept that getting people to sign up to newsletters is a challenge but putting popup boxes in front of their faces, impairing their navigation through your website, is not the answer.

If you write good stuff they will want to see more. If you provide lots of nice freebies, white papers and information downloads they won’t want to miss the next edition.

Make sure your call to action buttons and forms are readily available so they can sign up for your newsletter straight away, or buy the product you are speaking about, or get in touch with you to talk about a quote. Make it easy but contextual – i.e. when you have fully grabbed their attention, that is the time to grab their commitment.

A great way to get people to subscribe is to give them a freebie in return. So offer them a free PDF information download that they cannot do without in return for them signing up to receive your newsletter.

This way your customers are happy and getting exactly what they want from you. It will increase the amount of time your visitors spend on your website.

Everyone is happy!

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