WordPress Design for London Wedding Photographer

Custom WordPress Web Design for London Wedding Photographer

I’m so pleased with the website.  It looks fantastic!

Annelie doesn’t just take pictures she has a talent and captures something from each and every one of her subjects.  The photographs have real depth and an emotion and honesty about them.  If I was getting married (again!) I would definitely employ Annelie to take the photos.

Wedding photographers need a showcase web design that is remarkable! If they are not staying on top of web design trends and continually developing their websites, they will find themselves behind times and that cannot happen because today they are marketing to the millennial generation.  That’s a generation that has grown up with the internet, mobile devices and social media. The website needs to be attractive to them and that definitely means responsive web design. 57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site and that includes wedding planners who could refer couples to a photographer.

Those website owners who are glued to the desktop and want visitors to click to navigate are getting themselves behind the times.  Mobile users want to scroll to get more information.  They don’t want to have to make too many decisions, everything must be there quickly and without any effort.  Naturally there needs to be some website navigation but long pages are not the end of the world any more as long as they tell an interesting story.

Big and bold is the way to go with images.  The web design should be a showcase for the photos so big and bold galleries with full-width images are an absolute must.  Galleries should include some form of navigation to allow the visitor to go at their own pace and go back to images they want to see again.

I think that wedding photographers should include their photograph on their website and make it personal.  People buy from people and the human aspect is so important, especially when the first contact is through the website.

Whether or not to display prices is a bit of a controversial point as there is never one size that fits all but it is always good to include a guide to give couples some idea of the costs.

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