10 Ways a WordPress Designer Can Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

You can buy 100s of WordPress themes off the shelf today and sometimes a few tweaks are all that is necessary to make it acceptable.  However, if you are launching a website for your business, it is an investment in time and money that needs to be a whole lot more than acceptable.

Here’s where a WordPress Designer can make you stand out from the crowd:

  1. By giving you the power to specify what is important in terms of the context of your site, this should not be dictated by a ready-made theme.
  2. A professional WordPress designer will find out everything they need to about your customers and will choose the right layout, colours and fonts to target your audience and get them to take the required action.
  3. You can decide on any amount of customised content and functionality. Your application will be built exactly to your specification, be that e-commerce, Membership, News, Events or something completely new.
  4. The right images and calls to action for your market are essential. A WordPress designer can help you choose the right images for your product or service and then tailor them to suit your site.
  5. Navigation menus need to be intuitive and easy to use.
  6. 25% of your visitors today will access via mobile device.  You need the power to decide what is most important in terms of their experience, no matter how or where they access your site.
  7. Search engine optimisation must be built-in from the ground up.  The necessary tags need to be added to images, headings must be in the correct format and hidden tags need to be Google friendly.
  8. Comprehensive testing must be carried out over a range of devices and browsers.  Your website must work on older browsers as well as new and Android as well as Apple.
  9. Your online presence is no longer just your website, social media integration and feeds should be used appropriately for your market.
  10. The ultimate? You will get a unique website design that nobody else will have – stand out from the crowd!
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