A Different Design Project

I love design in all shapes and sizes. Of course I am a web designer for a living but interior design is also a great passion of mine.

I have decorated and been involved in the design elements of remodelling a few houses over the years. The biggest project we ever did was a huge farmhouse in France, 350sqm with about 5 acres of land. That was a ruin and the property had to be completely rebuilt inside and out.

The french project ….

Now we are home in UK and have moved to a very pretty village in South Somerset on the Dorset Border. This is a big area for horses and they form the bulk of daily traffic that goes past our window every day. We live on a little lane that goes nowhere so it’s all very quiet.

We have bought a little cottage with stables and our plan is to extend the cottage to build a new kitchen. We are going to restore the stables and convert them to an annex, so friends can visit and have their own space. This will also be handy for us as it gives us somewhere to live when the extension is being done. The old kitchen will become a work room, or the parlour as I like to call it.

I love waking up to the sound of the birds every morning, we have plenty of trees and plan to plant more in our 0.6 acre plot. The oak is probably my favourite tree and I have just the spot to plant one. In the meantime I will carry on enjoying the apples that our trees have given us, funny how you never get fed up of apple crumble!

New Windows

We have already made a big change by replacing some very old drafty plastic windows with new wooden ones. I particularly hated the front door that didn’t lock! The good news is the windows company completely recycle all of the old windows and everything is reused. The windows have totally changed the look of the place, plus the sound proofing and insulation is 100% better.

The cottage looks like a traditional cottage again …

People have commented often on the new windows and how they have transformed the property. The installation guys were amazing, the care they took was above and beyond.


We had a very small bathroom, a bit of a corridor with no proper shower. Basically a bedroom had been split in two to create a boxroom and a bathroom. We decided to knock the boxroom and bathroom into one to make a new large bedroom. What was the second bedroom is now the bathroom.

We still need to buy a few things to make it more homely but it’s in and it works!


We have always had our idea of a dream kitchen. We also had a budget! We wanted a kitchen that was functional and an environment in which it is a pleasure to cook. Also a great oven, mainly for cakes! Also important to be able to enjoy and glass of wine and become a bit of a party space when required.

This is a completely new extension, we knocked down the old conservatory and replaced it with an 8x4m space. At the end we have a utility and boot room, vital for rainy days and wet dogs. We have 3.5m windows overlooking the garden. The kitchen is from Magnet with tongue and grove panels purchased separately and painted up to match. The shelves are also bespoke, made by our carpenter. We are so pleased with it.

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