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I first met Jan-Eric Osterlund in the Alverton Hotel for lunch. (The Alverton is a beautifully unique, Grade II listed hotel standing on the hillside just above the Cornish capital city of Truro.)

Jan-Eric is a hugely successful Swedish businessman, who has settled into life in Knightstone Manor in Devon. (Knightstone is a well-preserved medieval building, which belonged to the family of Jane Grey – Queen of England for nine days!  The stunning gardens are a spring chicken in comparison to the old manor house, at a mere 100 years old.)

I remember that we both ate fish and it was a very enjoyable couple of hours learning all about the life and times of this extraordinary gentleman, whose business CV is incredible but that was not why we were there.

Jan-Eric is a keen photographer and could easily have been a professional.  Not that he has ever needed a job!  This meeting was about a new web design to showcase Jan-Eric’s life in pictures since his wedding to Jennifer in 2005.

They were married in Gothenburg and spent their honeymoon on their very own super yacht, Adele.  They travelled south from Sweden via England, Spain and Portugal to the Med and then across to the Caribbean and down to Panama. Then from Galapagos and the Polynesian Islands to Samoa, Fiji and Vanuatu onto New Zealand around Cape Horn and then further south to Antarctica. Then north to the Falkland Islands and east to South Georgia, finishing up back in the Caribbean.

This photography showcase covers all aspects of life from Family to Home, from super yacht Adele to an amazing photography portfolio including spectacular locations from the desert in Namibia to the Grand Canyon. The photographs, as you can imagine are absolutely fantastic and this project was a pleasure from start to finish.  I got so immersed at times you would think I had been on the trip, this was one web design project that felt nothing like work!

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