Bright Jewellery eCommerce Website

“Bright” is a startup founded by Keith Lowe. It’s a website showcasing his stylish bespoke gold, silver and gem set jewellery crafted using traditional techniques, honed during his early years training in Birmingham’s Jewellery quarter and Hatton Garden in London. Now based in Cornwall he continues to produce elegant wearable hand-crafted jewellery from his workshop just outside Falmouth.

Keith needed a brand new website to appeal to anyone interested in handmade jewellery, as opposed to mass market production jewellery. A clean, contemporary look was required to showcase this beautiful handcrafted jewellery. The website should appeal to a broad demographic, men and women, young and old so the jewellery itself should be at the forefront. A simple and uncluttered homepage should have broad appeal and encourage people to browse further into the website. Good calls to action should encourage people to take the required action – to buy the product! A new logo was also required, the tagline “hand crafted jewellery” to be incorporated.  Keith mentioned that he loved the colours of the sea.

Colours of the sea it is with blue/green colours used throughout, everything blends perfectly together.  The branding has a diamond icon included, this was something else that Keith was keen to have.   The carefully chosen fonts Raleway and Libre Baskerville compliment each other perfectly.  Big bold images showcase the jewellery with a simple but effective shop layout.  Calls to action throughout encourage the visitor to buy or to make contact.  The blog adds another dimension by providing search engines with more to find and by providing plenty of fresh, new content to share via social media.  Naturally it is 100% mobile friendly.

It was a lovely website to work on with all of those beautiful jewellery images.  Keith is a very genuine and friendly person, who clearly cares about his product and his customers.  I wish him the very best, people are going to love his creations!

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