Causeway Coast Aethetics Web Design

Beauty salon responsive web design on WordPress

You deliver an outstanding, high quality service that also provides great value for money. We LOVE our website at Causeway Coast Aesthetics & will go back to you to develop our website further in line with the growth of our business.

I am always the first to say when stock images don’t work. We all know when you see a website and it is full of those cliched images of people sitting around a meeting table or a pen and newpaper next to a computer.  They are the ‘catalogue shots’.  I remember years back when we all used to buy from catalogues like Kays and there would be a number of staged shots, the people pointing up into the air at nothing in particular or the group of girls standing around laughing.  Those are what I am talking about, those staged images that can be downloaded from all over the web.

This website however is a prime example of when stock images do work.  These carefully chosen images bring this site to life and give it vibrance.  These are high quality and very relevant, that is what makes the difference.  Beautiful images matter in web design and keep your visitors on the page.  The balance of text and images in this website make it engaging and keep the readers interested.  More attractive image links make them want to move further into the website.

Once they do navigate further they can find real life examples of Rhonda’s work and her happy clients.  The portfolio is full of genuine before and after shots, building trust with new and existing clients all of the time.

The blog comes to life with lovely photos too, articles with colourful images will always make vistors want to click to read more.

This is such a great example of a website where they got the images right, I love it!

Complete web design service for a beautiful, perfectly structured website. Fully engage your visitors with a website that is Google ready, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and painless to manage.