Design of Party Invitation

This is a bit more freelance design work and is a personalised party invitation for a house warming.  The family were moving to Bath, so I decided to make it a party in ‘the’ bath!

Freelance Graphic design for party invitation

A completely bespoke freelance graphic design project

I really love web design but equally there is so much fun in doing things like this.  There is definitely room for a bit more artistic license and I think this is definitely an area where design has no boundaries.

I did this one in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

The background was a photograph of a bit of a grungy Georgian wall, which I scanned into the computer.  Then I overlaid it again with a filter to make it look really old.  I added some peeling paint effects for good measure.  The deco cornice was already on the original image and came out really well in Photoshop.

The frames around the photos and graphic come from a photo of a piece of wood, again scanned in.  I painted over some black lines and again overlaid a filter to give it the fake wood effect I was looking for.  The idea that you take something real and try to make it fake is quite comical.  There’s a technique for making balloons and I had done those before slipped one in for good measure.

I must admit that all of the ducks were done by someone else, I have no problem with manipulating photos and creating effects but I am no illustrator.  I managed to draw the bath in Adobe Illustrator and got the feet from another photo, I played around with them until they matched.  The floor is a simple Photoshop perspective effect with lines.

The clients were really pleased and the invitation went out to over 100 people.  Intricate freelance design jobs like this are always so rewarding.

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