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From our initial consultation to going live, Tracey communicated quickly and effectively.  Tracey interpreted our brief accurately and created a site that was visually right for us with the functionality we needed.  We’ve worked with a number of developers over the past 14 years and working with Tracey was an absolute delight!

I hear that story many times, people have never been able to find quite the right web designer or developer.  I can sit there and tell people that I am the best freelance web designer in the World until I am blue in the face but it is only this type of testimonial that backs up my statements and makes me feel that I can say that I am different.  I will get back to you, I will respond to all of your emails and calls, you will never be left wondering.

Someone asked me yesterday about the trials and tribulations of being a freelance web designer and what was the most important thing in my job.  My answer was very quick and surprised me, it wasn’t about design, or development it was simply to provide the best customer service that I possibly can.  I think at times the difficulty I have as a freelancer is switching off and leaving work outside office hours.

My previous experience in corporate life was invaluable to me, I learned the importance of customer service and the different it makes to your life if your customers are happy.  Sometimes we all make mistakes and it’s important to be truthful and own up because none of us are perfect.

The other thing that is important is to have a defined process and a project specification.  That way clients know exactly what to expect and when and more importantly they know exactly what they are getting for their money.

Complete transparency, getting back to people quickly and completing tasks in a timely manner is all people want and so there is no reason not to be a perfect freelance designer.

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