eCommerce Webshop for the Mala Den

Mala Den Responsive eCommerce Design

I absolutely love my web shop Tracey has created for me! It has a beautiful feel to it, and is everything I had hoped for and more. From start to finish Tracey has been patient, helpful and professional and made building my web shop an enjoyable process. She is a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend Tracey Rickard Web Design.

What an absolute pleasure this project was to do!

Nicole came along with a really creative brief that was something completely different to the norm.  She didn’t want uniform, she wanted the opposite and therein lies the fun.  Not everything can afford themselves this luxury, particularly if they are in a corporate business but in a world where almost every other website is an online store you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd, I think we have definitely managed that here.

The target audience will love this website because it is rustic, earthy and natural and should absolutely resonate with their values.  They won’t forget it either and once they buy their first Mala they will be back to buy another for themselves or a gift for family and friends.

Creating unique web designs is what I do but when I get a free hand like this it reminds of why I do this job.  I love creating hand drawn effects in Photoshop, creating aged paper effects and paintbrush effects is all good fun.  I am not lucky enough to be able to draw well but I can certainly take an icon or drawing from the web and adapt it to compliment my design; creating completely unique artwork that looks nothing like the basic shape it evolved from.

The colours in this one are beautiful, it is a lovely logo created by the Happy Designer.  I created buttons and icons to exactly match the colours of the beads and it all works really well.  Nicole is very happy and that is the main thing because if she is happy her customers will be too!

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