Falmouth Tall Ships 2014

Tall Ship Dar Mlodziezy

Rosemullion Head is a point of land jutting out into the sea at the south side of Falmouth Bay. The land is high and the views are beautiful from the pastures, which are usually grazed by cattle. Today there are food stalls and an ice-cream van in place of the cows, all looks a bit strange!

We have arrived early because the Tall Ships Parade of Sail is due to emerge from Falmouth Harbour at 11.00am. This is the start of the Falmouth to Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Regatta, a race that will take place over the next three days. We are waiting with many others and the atmosphere is incredibly warm and friendly, strangers are chatting along. Weather-wise we could not have had a better day, the sun is beating down and there is not a cloud in the sky but there is just enough wind for sail.

Every time someone thinks they see a large mast looming from the harbour, obscured by Pendennis Point to the north of the bay, hundreds of cameras come out and we wait with bated breath but there are many false alarms. Finally at 1.00pm the Tall Ships start to emerge for real.

We watch them as they come towards us across the bay and then they start to sail past us, a wonderful spectacle for the thousands of visitors who have come just for this. It is slightly overwhelming and we feel very privileged to have witnessed the largest flotilla that Falmouth has seen.

I took hundreds of photos, here are my favourites.

Falmouth Tallships
Tall Ship Dar Mlodziezy
Tall Ship Tecla
Falmouth Tall Ships Parade of Sail
Tall Ship Pelican
Tall Ship Gulden Leeuw
Tall Ship Mercedes
Tall Ship Gulden Leeuw
Mercedes and Pelican
Lining up to start the race

Thank you to the organisers for providing so much useful information and for a great weekend!

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