Feedback from Fruitful Office

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“I have been impressed by the quality of your work and would definitely be keen in carrying on working with you on different projects going forward”.  Vasco de Castro.

It has been many years now since I worked on these websites.  I agreed to take them over from a fellow web designer who was just too busy to continue to support them.  They were well built and were easy to take over and manage.  The problem I had with taking over this work was that I was never seen as anything other than a maintainer, so when the tender went out for a brand new website design I was not given the opportunity to quote. However I was asked if I would continue to maintain their websites after the new builds were complete.  I didn’t accept the offer because I had no working knowledge of the developers and you never know what the quality of the work will be.  Equally it is not really the type of work that I do.

I learned a lot from that little exercise and now the only maintenance contracts I provide are for websites that I have built myself.  Not all developers conform with WordPress theming standards and that can prove to be a bit of a can of worms when things start to go wrong.

Years of experience tells me that nothing is 100% future proof.  No guarantees can be made that things will not need tweaking as hosting platforms, software versions and coding standards evolve but at least I can tweak things quickly and easily in my own themes.  All of my WordPress themes pass the WordPress theme check and I make sure they continue to conform.
Today I don’t think you can have a website built and hope it will go on for years.  I like to keep the client relationships active and provide ongoing maintenance and support.  There is a small monthly charge for that but it is nothing compared to the cost of a rebuild.

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