My First Web Designs – Surf Shack

In my spare time I have been going through my old files and archiving them. I found lots of things that made me smile and this was one of them. It’s one of my very first web designs!

This is a composition that I created for a cafe bar or surf shop, it’s a grunge style comp that was one of my designs for my degree module. I decided to keep it here in my blog to demonstrate a little design flare and to show that I am not restricted to contemporary business websites!

Surf Shack web design, one of my first ever

How I did it

The wood panel background is an image from a stock image company.  It is actually an old barn door so came ready with the handle to invite people to come in.  I had to do a fair bit of hunting around but it was worth it.  I wanted to create a shop front with a bit of mystery to make people want to see what was behind the door.

I chose the grunge style font because it works very well for this type of web design, particularly when used with the other hand-written script.

The image of the surfer on the board came from an online image repository and I overlaid it onto my design.  The other background colour effects were created in Photoshop including the ripped paper background on the menu.

Surfshack no background

In Summary

I have moved more towards crisp, clean and contemporary web design because that is what my clients want and I love that.  All the same for the right kind of company in the right market, this could still work well. It might be a bit complex to convert it to a mobile responsive design but I like a challenge.

Bit of an indulgence on my part to post it but it seemed a shame to leave it hidden away in the archives.

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