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Finding the right web designer was key to getting my new business off the ground. From consultation, to the build and the aftercare, Tracey has been thoroughly professional. With a calm, organised approach and clear communication it was very easy to build a strong working relationship. Additional value from the technical and design suggestions that Tracey offered have taken my site to another level and it is getting positive feedback from industry professionals, homeowners and businesses, my three customer bases. I can’t recommend her work and proactive approach enough and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future as Home of Makers grows. Thank you!

Lauren Sanders MD, Home of Makers

Home of Makers is a business directory where homeowners are able to find the perfect craftsman or woman for their project.

Business directory websites are complex. They take a long time to build and require a lot of custom coding. From my point of view it is important to see that the business owner is dedicated to making their directory work and become profitable. Lauren is definitely that person and she is already making a success of the business. So much so that there are now nine listing categories when we started with just three.

A business directory is not just a list of business, if it is going to make money you to have partially hide business content and only make it available to members. In this case homeowners. This one has even more to it because homeowners can also post projects for the businesses (known as makers) to view.

Makers have the ability to post a new listing and edit it as required. Before they can do that they must purchase a membership plan.

So as you can see it is not all simply a case of listing a few businesses and making it look pretty, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and a huge amount of coding 🙂

Complex is good for me, I love getting my teeth into something and really having to think about where each bit will fit. This was an absolute pleasure to do.

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