If content is King, images are the crown

A good website design absolutely stands on its images, they attract us and keep us interested. In a magazine article most of us will scan the images before we get to the text and if the pics don’t get us going we might not even read the text.

I accept this is subjective, although if you are not interested in quantum physics you probably wouldn’t have bought the magazine in the first place. The chances are that someone has arrived at your website because they are interested in the subject matter, or they think they are. Keeping them interested is the key.

Some of the best websites in the World have very little design in the sense of layout and typography, they don’t need it because the images are amazing.

It’s what you leave out

This is actually a really beautiful website but take the images away and there is nothing left at all.

The beautiful website of Chanel

OK this is an extreme example but here’s another one. The designer here is clever, it is not all about the web design it is all about the subject. Sometimes it is what you leave out that makes it.

Clever minimalist design

Images don’t just mean photos

Here there are no photographs just attractive graphics but the site is still very eye catching and appealing.

Attractive graphical website design

What if you don’t have stunning photos?

Actually most people probably don’t. If you are a business where images can really sell your product, like a restaurant, you  should get professional photos done. They will be worth it in the end.

If you don’t have a product, think of a theme. I don’t mean blue skies and blokes in suits in fields shaking hands, a little thought is all that is required to come up with something original.

Take this one, they have used their location. Much more inviting than a calculator or worse, a pen and a spreadsheet!

Accountants website using the location as a theme

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