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Tracey Rickard Presenting at Just About Digital

I was recently asked to present at the Just About Digital development day being run by Socially Shared networking.  My subject was online visibility and I talked about ways to raise your online profile and to direct traffic to your website.  All to maximise your presence on the web.  Here are the slides…


Where are you?

  • Are you the best kept secret?
  • Do you get jealous when others make a killing and you know you are better?

If they don't know you exist online

Stand out from the crowd

  • Get clear where your clients are and connect with them.  Start to stand out.
  • These are your building blocks to raising your online profile.

You need a hub

Your online hub

  • To start you need a central point of reference.
  • The heart of your online presence.
  • Somewhere you can call home and where you want people to visit.
  • Where people can buy from you or take the desired action.
  • Your Central Internet Hub.

Could be a website

A Simple website at the very least

  • Home page must say what you do
  • Client testimonials
  • Contact page
  • Newsletter signup form

A blog

A Blog is arguably more important!

  • But a blog is a website! – include contact and newsletter signup.
  • Popular platforms are Blogger/WordPress.
  • Here you can show off expertise and differentiate yourself.
  • Gain trust, build credibility.
  • Publish posts regularly – case studies/showcase work/testimonials/news/events/stories.
  • Offer downloads/PDFs in relation to the topic!
  • Email your email subscribers to tell them about your latest posts and downloads.
  • Share on social media.
  • Link back to this central marketing hub.

Facebook page

Facebook business page

  • Don’t discount Facebook from B2B – Individuals run businesses so your clients could be here.
  • Post regularly – just like a blog.
  • Share testimonials/case studies/news.
  • Facebook Live – broadcast a video, show expertise, personality, show passion and a desire to help.
  • Manage events.
  • Share to other platforms.
  • Encourage feedback and reviews.

A linked in Profile

LinkedIn profile and/or business page

  • If your clients are here.
  • Post regularly.
  • Interact with others.
  • Share to other platforms.
  • Encourage reviews.

Google places local

Google my business

  • Claim your business.
  • Add your business information, business hours, location.
  • Contact Details/photos.
  • Post regularly.
  • Share to other networks.
  • Encourage reviews.

Your central hub, sales funnel that it all links to

Make this your business location on the web

  • Your online presence.
  • Centre of your sales funnel to bring everyone back to.
  • Sharing this content to other networks and places.
  • BE YOURSELF! Not overly concerned with what others think.

Content Marketing Starts Here

Create compelling headlines

Google loves good content

  • Attract people with good titles, eye catching headlines.
  • Good quality text and images, well written, spelling, keywords should come naturally.
  • Post as often as you can, keep yourself alive online.
  • Update and republish old posts.
  • Never copy – or if you must, credit.

Create compelling content and products

Make people want to visit you

  • Promote Products and services.
  • Clear name/title for product.
  • Accurate Description.
  • Transparent Pricing.
  • Good image!

Think about your keywords

Keywords for your posts

Maximise your metatags

The basis for your SEO (Search engine optimisation)

  • WordPress offers SEO plugins.  Or employ a good SEO consultant.
  • Title tag should match your page or post title.
  • Description tags should include your main keywords, probably your page or post title and some additional text to attract people to click.
  • Don’t stuff content with keywords, that is detrimental and keywords should come naturally.
  • Make your link text relevant when you link back from other sites – make it the title of your post or page.

Use your image tags

The image alt tag is important

  • Don’t forget your image tags, Google needs those.
  • You can add these when you upload images.
  • Screen readers for the visually impaired use them.
  • Google crawlers use them, they cannot see images.

Social media sharing icons


  • Share out from your central hub
  • Posts | Products | Services
  • 3.3 billion people use social media each month!
  • Pick the right sharing networks – check client websites, see where they are, do the same.

Share smartly with titles and images

A few tips for sharing and optimising your content

  • As a minimum your post/page/product/service title must show when you share to social media.
  • Make sure all social media shares include a link back to the content that you are selling. That might not always be your home page.

Links influence SEO

Links influence SEO and your Google ranking.

  • When you share items that link back to your hub, Google sees it when someone visits the link. You will attract search engines as well as people
  • Internal links help search engines and people find your content. So link to other relevant content in your website or blog.
  • Always link shares from your online hub back to your online hub.
  • Never share without a link back!

Guest Blog

Guest blog

  • Be selective.
  • Post where it matters to your business.
  • Post where your clients read and visit.
  • Link back to your business.

Introduce yourself and help people

Facebook Groups

  • Find out where your audience hangs out.
  • Introduce yourself and help people.
  • Be the go to expert.
  • Be careful with self-promotion but when you do post, don’t forget to link back.
  • Understanding the questions that group members have will help you to write content for your hub.

Do a webinar

Host a Webinar

  • A big web conference.
  • Co-host if that is easier – double your reach.
  • Use social media to promote.
  • Free to do on YouTube.
  • Link back to your hub.

Reach out to Podcasters


  • Reach out to Podcasters in your industry.
  • Podcasters who serve your market.
  • Get them to interview you.
  • Go to Spotify, Deezer, iTunes to find relevant Podcasters.
  • Don’t forget to share your website/central hub address during the Podcast.

Promote through other websites

Promote through other websites

  • Socially shared offer a whole website page to members.
  • PR – get featured via online media.
  • Submit articles to online publications.
  • Remember the keywords and the link back.

Get listed in online directories

Get Listed in Online Directories

  • Assigned to your industry
  • Assigned to your geographical area
  • Assigned to your demographic
  • Use your keywords, similar to your website description.
  • Claim your business – Yelp,Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, Google My Business.
  • Ensure you only use reputable directories.  Beware of directory sites that look unprofessional.
  • Check if they are blacklisted by Google https://ismywebsitepenalized.com/
  • Encourage reviews.
  • Remember your link!

Create white papers and PDFs for people to download


  • White papers.
  • PDF downloads.
  • eBooks.
  • Value added content for your blog.
  • Remember your link and contact details in every document!

Promote via newsletters


  • Make sure you have an email conversion tool, a signup box on your site or hub.
  • Send a newsletter regularly.
  • Link back to articles you have posted.
  • Link back to your hub.

Post videos on YouTube

Video – YouTube, Facebook, anywhere

  • Do a Ted Talk!
  • Collaborate if it is scary.
  • Everyone has a good side!

Make sure your links work

Raise your online profile

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If anyone would like to download my slides they are attached here in PDF format, including slide notes:  download slides.

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