Maris Figures Say it All

Am admiring the huge improvement of the Maris website that Tracey has done for us. It finally looks corporate and grown up… Well done Tracey and Sam!!

Just for info – look at the stats for Maris.  Despite the new site only being active for less than a month there has been a big increase in activity. This site is so much better than the old one in every way!

Maris are an investment holding company, diversified across five key economic sectors in nine countries. Maris control over 80% of their holdings and are intensely operationally focused.

Maris operate across a diverse range of business sectors including Agriculture, Food & Forestry, Mining, Property, Renewables and Services.

Maris focus heavily on environmental and social impact. From water conservation and recycling measures in their agri-businesses, to sustainable and energy efficient building practices in real estate developments, Maris constantly seek not only to minimise their impact on the environment, but improve how they protect it.

At their sustainable forestry operation, Equatoria Teak Company, in South Sudan, Maris have planted over 3 million trees, which capture over 20,000 tonnes of CO2E per annum.

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