Michael Jackson’s Legacy Non-Profit Charity Web Design

MJL is a small UK-registered charity which was founded in 2011 in order to continue the philanthropic work of the late entertainer and humanitarian, Michael Jackson. The main service as a charity is to provide outreach to the suffering – children, animals and the environment.

The charity is proud to have raised almost £200,000, mainly through donations alone, and that through this they have been able to help, children, the homeless, animals and the environment all over the globe. From the building of a rescue home, playground and preschool in Haiti, to the sponsorship of children in Liberia and Haiti, to the provision of new shoes for children in Sri Lanka, Liberia and Malawi. From the renovating and refurbishing of neonatal hospital wards in Romania to handwashing facilities in Africa during the ebola crisis. From camera trap and vehicle tyres and vetinerary equipment for rangers in Myanmar, to a stall and pasture for ailing horses in California. From a dedicated acre of protected woodland in the UK to the provision of Christmas gifts for children in Gary, Indiana, all in less than ten years.

The existing website was built in Joomla and was built for free. It has served its purpose well. However, it is now almost ten years old and vulnerable, being Joomla! 1.5. Updating it to the current version of Joomla is a challenge but in any event it no longer reflects the current projects and initiatives nor maximises their potential. The biggest problem is with the back end. What you see is NOT always what you get, especially where fonts and pictures are concerned. Until content it published it is impossible to see what any changes look like. As a result of the anxiety about updating it – and breaking it – it is a very out of date website. All current news is currently posted to Facebook rather than to the website news blog. Michael Jackson’s Legacy would like a new clean and contemporary website. They like colour and intricate detail but at the same time easy to navigate. They like the current website but it is very out of date.

First of all the design blends absolutely with the existing themes and colours of MJL. Fonts are sympathetic to the existing branding and very easy to read.    It’s a clean and contemporary web design with plenty of colour! Projects and posts are showcased in a grid format with links to read more.  Layouts include text that is beautifully punctuated with images to retain the interest of the visitor.  There is an online store fully integrated to enable the sale of merchandise through the website.

The site is fully editable, easy editing with no coding experience required. Full text and image editing capabilities for all content. In WordPress the editor might not exactly match the output page but it is pretty close, so that solves one of the major headaches of the past.  Bespoke website design means that the editors are as user friendly as they possibly can be.  Graphical user guides ensured that MJL were very quickly up and running with editing their new site.

We are all absolutely delighted with the website, and to see it live today is just…out of this world! I wanted to connect because I am so very grateful on seeing the outcome, and especially for your patience throughout the process.

I just thought I’d say hello and let you know that I’m finding WordPress much easier than I imagined it would be, so feel delighted that you recommended it and installed such a beautiful site!  It is such a wonderful treat for our tenth birthday year.

Dee Pfeiffer
Michael Jackson’s Legacy

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