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Hello Tracey ! We have had our first sale!! Thrilled! Feedback is really positive about the site, thanks to you. We really can’t thank you enough for all your input and guidance, you have been brilliant! And VERY patient!!

That is fantastic feedback, it is a wonderful thing to hear when an eCommerce website makes its first sale.  Caroline has been brilliant at marketing and that is important because those who just rely on Google for marketing and sales are going to find themselves unstuck.

Google should be one route to market but not the main one.  I can give an example of a company who were doing really well, all of their sales were coming through search engines.  Then the search engines changed their algorithms and suddenly their website had disappeared off down the rankings.  Everything stopped dead, so an operation turning over £5k per week was suddenly down to nothing but a tiny bit of repeat business.  This is a risk you just cannot take.

Whatever you are selling there will always be other routes to market.  Trade shows, exhibitions, magazine and even TV advertising if budget allows.  Towns often have fairs and they are great places to get your name out.  You can exhibit your wares for people to buy that day, then if they like what you are offering they can com back to your website.

That brings me to a very important point – make sure your website is visible on all stationery and marketing material.  From till receipts to business cards and from carrier bags to the product itself.  If the website is prominent and easy for people to find, they can easily come back to you to place more orders.  I bought some Indian pastes from a stall at our local food fair and nowhere could I see the website.  In the end we found it but it took a while and it would have been a much more pleasurable experience if the details had been on the packaging.  Seems so simple but so many people do not do it.

Another thing to consider is guest posting on top websites within your industry.  You can write about what you do, your own experiences, case studies and success stories and have your articles added to the news section of the website concerned.  This way you will raise your profile and demonstrate your expertise within your market.  You will be surprised how much business can come from guest blog posting.

Caroline at Gorgeous Yarns has succeeded because she did not put all of her eggs in one basket.  She marketed through many routes and now has given up her job to focus on her business 100%, which is fantastic.

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