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“Thanks so much for this – I love it! It’s got the perfect dark look and feel. It is all mystery.”
Christi Daugherty

When Christi first got in touch I was very excited to hear about her web design project.  Not withstanding she is an international author, she wanted something dark and full of mystery.  I don’t get asked for that sort of design very often, so a great opportunity to do something a little different and to work with such a popular lady.

The new novel, the Echo Killing, is due out this year. This is Christi’s first venture into writing adult fiction, it will be a series.  It is about a crime reporter whose mother was killed when she was twelve.  She lives in the world of murder, all of her friends are cops, so when she sees a murder victim who died in very similar circumstances to her own mother, the plot thickens.  I am looking forward to reading it.

The highly acclaimed Nightschool series is aimed at young adults.  When I found out I was going to be working on the new web design project for Christi I started to read the series.  I am sadly no longer a teenager but even so I really enjoyed the books, so much so I couldn’t put them down and read the whole series pretty quickly!  I am glad I did because it really helped me with setting the scene for the new web design.  Getting a real feel for the books, the characters and the target audience definitely contributed to the success of this project.

I loved working with the images, creating the shadowy woods to set the scene for the background of the web design.  Overlaid with the main image of Savannah where the Echo Killing is set makes a beautiful setting for the home page.

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