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Far Horizons Marketing

Thanks for all this – so painless and efficient! I am getting so many compliments for the website, so you should be pleased with yourself!

That’s what it is all about, painless and efficient.  It sounds so difficult to do and you would think it was but actually it is not all that difficult.  It’s all down to the basic laws of customer service, respond quickly, do what you say you will do when you promised and keep everyone informed.

I remember when I started in sales and marketing years back.  They used to train us by taking us into a room and playing a John Cleese video to us.  They were funny and it was all really obvious, how could they ignore people like that?  How could they be so rude? How could they not help these desperate people?  But people behaved quite badly and that is why the basic fundamentals of success were actually quite simple, deliver what you promised.  That was a big lesson for me and something I have carried forward to this day.

Folks employ you because they are not experts and they need help.  They would not set aside a large budget for a new website design if they could do it themselves, you need to be on the ball, helpful and respond well.

I get too many calls from people who say that their web designer has absconded, or they did not get what they were promised.  That’s pretty upsetting because it brings shame on an industry full of people who are pretty excellent at what they do and really don’t deserve it.

So it’s a bit of a cliché but put the client first.  Make them feel that they are the only client you have ever had and ever will have.  Make sure that their website design is the best you have ever done.  In fact it probably will be because the latest website design is always the best, it has to be otherwise how will we improve?

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