Annelie Eddy Wedding Photographer

London based Wedding photographer WordPress web design, a portfolio website design and blog.


Annelie Eddy is an outstanding wedding photographer based in London.  Photographing people is one of Annelie’s favourite things in the world.  Her style is unobtrusive and relaxed – nothing too staged or formal. For Annelie the best pictures are the ones where she captures the events and real emotions as the day unfolds.  For her the best pictures are the ones where she captures a genuine, special moment, like two people sharing a little look, a bride having a giggle with her best friend, or an Aunt shedding a tear of joy. Images are natural and timeless, never over processed, so that they will still look great in future decades.

The Challenge

Annelie wanted a clean, minimalistic design to showcase the photographs. It was essential that the site was easy to manage and edit, so that pages and photographs could be uploaded for each new wedding. Annelie had an existing website, which was very dated and over designed, not all about the images, didn’t inspire confidence for potential clients and was not a showcase!

The Solution

This is a custom website design, the brief was to produce a very minimalist design that was ‘all about the photos’.   A clean white background gives this WordPress website the perfect canvas to showcase photographs. It’s all in black and white apart from tiny splashes of blue in the navigation bar. This website not only does that but shows off large image galleries, a stunning portfolio and a blog.  Social media links and a custom contact form give the visitor all they need to communicate.  All blog posts and gallery items can be shared via social media. I created very simple social media icons to blend in with the design and not detract from the photos. Large photo galleries totally immerse the visitor in the photography, that’s the whole idea; a showcase. A custom WordPress design to provide full CMS editing.

In Brief

  • Website design for a London wedding photographer
  • Wedding Photographer WordPress web design for easy editing
  • Grid style portfolio layout
  • Large thumbnail image galleries showcase photos
  • Blog with category links and weddings by type
  • Password protected, private areas allow the bride and groom to view and choose their wedding photographs before anyone else sees them.

“I’m so pleased with the website. It looks fantastic!”

Complete web design service for a beautiful, perfectly structured website. Fully engage your visitors with a website that is Google ready, mobile friendly, easy to navigate and painless to manage.