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Birch Health and Wellness is a functional medicine and health coaching practice working with women with chronic health conditions like gut/digestion issues, gluten allergy, autoimmune diseases, anxiety and stress using advanced testing, nutritional protocols and lifestyle changes to help them overcome and or manage their health conditions.

The Challenge

A new website is required. This website is predominantly a blog format with standard pages behind (about, contact).  There is not currently any branding, so a simple logo will be created within the scope of the website design.

All of the important information should be above the fold and the web pages should be well set out with the favoured Z pattern. Priority content should include info/buttons, tiny headshot, navigation (home, about, niche topics, work with me) on top of every page in the same place. Then followed by the title and a couple of lines of an article. Ending with a call to action ‘bribery’ subscribe area.

“I do like to see what I’m getting when I go to a site, and not have to scroll down below the fold in the hope of finding it. I tend to lose interest if I don’t get a good idea of what the site is about in the first few seconds.”

The design should functional, no clutter or fuss, but pretty and restful too.

The Solution

Most importantly this is a design where valuable content is above the fold.  So when the page first loads the visitor sees everything that Toki wanted them to see.  The web design is clean and contemporary with absolutely no fuss as per the brief.  It’s a custom website design that is restful and so it resonates perfectly with the target market. It delivers the key messages succinctly and builds trust with potential clients. Well placed clear calls to action to encourage visitors to take the next step.  It is punctuated with graphics to engage visitors and break up text. The logo is a very simple text design with Cinzel font.  I have also continued to use this font for headings throughout the site.  The main body font is Lato, easy to read and with a solid and trustworthy presentation.  Social media sharing is included and of course the necessary elements to make it mobile responsive and Google friendly.

Toki is a lovely person and anyone would be lucky to have her as their health coach.  I really enjoyed working with her on this project and look forward to working together in the future too!

In Brief

  • Custom WordPress blog design
  • Standard web pages
  • Categorised blog with social media sharing
  • Newsletter signup.
  • Downloadable content
  • Booking form
  • Search Engine Optimisation

You are an absolute STAR! What would I do without you? Thank you so very much for all you do! That’s so kind! Thank you ?