Minimalistic Web Design for Contemporary Photographer

Beautiful, ultra-clean minimalist photography website design that is all about the subject. eCommerce built on WordPress with WooCommerce.


Paul Denby has taken photographs for all of his life. A camera has always been in his pocket or bag, capturing images that have appealed in particular ways. Usually this has been a landscape or a building, but it’s in the detail that Paul finds particular resonance. Paul has never been able to press the shutter to simply record what he sees, because first and foremost he looks, thinks, and then discovers if he has an emotional response to the subject. For Paul eyes and heart are the first rules of photography.

The Challenge

The project is to showcase the fine art photography and sell online. Paul wanted a clean, minimalistic web design to showcase the photographs.  As a freelance web designer I am usually tasked with creating a distinctive web design but this was the opposite, the design was to take a back seat this time the focus entirely on the photographs.  The design keywords were clean, contemporary and very simple.

The Solution

This is a custom web design and is certainly a minimalistic design that is ‘all about the photos’.   A clean white background gives this WordPress website the perfect canvas to showcase photographs.  The home page includes a full screen image to create impact for the visitor when he first arrives on the website.

Visitors will land on a portfolio page, with several topics and genres to choose from.  The link to large showcase image galleries where each image in turn links to it’s own product page for the visitor to buy online.  The eCommerce functionality is handled by WooCommerce on WordPress with smooth checkout via PayPal.

Social media links in the main templates are minimalist and then there are very simple social media sharing buttons to blend in with the design and not detract from the photos.  The font is a sans-serif called Soleil, very crisp and clean.

In Brief

  • Minimalist web design for a photographer
  • A custom WordPress design to provide full CMS editing
  • eCommerce with WooCommerce for online shop functionality
  • Grid style portfolio layout
  • Large image galleries showcase photos
  • Mobile responsive web design

“It looks great. Clean, sharp and minimal. You have captured the essence of my brief.”