The Turnaround of Kasinthula

Lessons from Malawi’s Shire Valley. A special website design project.

Kasinthula a Case Study

Kasinthula is owned by 762 smallholder farmers. In 1997 they pooled their land to create the Kasinthula Cane Growers Association (KCGA) and turned their largely unproductive fields into a commercial sugarcane scheme.  A few years later they found themselves still in huge debt with no sight of a way out.  This is the story of the turnaround of Kasinthula cane fields through successful investment and improved management.

This was a website design with a lot of good images but also a huge amount of text.  In order to keep the text interesting it was broken down into bite sized chunks.   Overlaying the images with the text created a very attractive page and ensured that every single piece of content was able to be included.  There are a couple of videos on the page along with some nicely displayed statistics.