Services: Web Design, WordPress Design & Development

I provide impactful websites that will delight your visitors and generate sales. I work with small and medium sized businesses in the UK and across the World.

Working Together

  • I will research your business, with your help, to understand key drivers for the success of your website.
  • We will look at other websites that you admire for both design and functionality
  • I’ll create your unique, bespoke web designs and we’ll review and tweak them until you are 100% happy.
  • Then I will build your website and code it to modern standards.
  • I will test it, extensively, on a whole host of devices and browsers.
  • We’ll go live within 6 weeks of the project start – (as long as you are ready)
  • I will continue to support and guide you for the next 6 months whilst you work with your new content managed website.

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The Cost

Every website is different, so there is no defined price list. Custom designed websites start at £2,500 and go up in price depending on the functionality required. A fully functional eCommerce site could be double that. My websites are completely scalable, so you can always add functionality over time to suit your budget and business needs.

What will it mean to you?

  • A bespoke website, tailored to your goals for success. A fully scalable, responsive and beautiful web presence.
  • A unique design – no off-the-shelf themes or templates here!
  • A website that is Google friendly and mobile responsive.
  • A reliable content management system that is easy to use, with user guides created just for you.
  • 6 months free support from go-live as you become familiar with managing your new website.
  • Rapid response. Communication is key and you will always receive quick responses.
  • You will receive excellent service, the aim always to exceed your expectations.
  • Your project will be delivered on time without any fuss.
  • All you need for your entire project, from design to technical implementation, all under one roof.
  • A professional and experienced freelance website designer with a proven track record.
  • A WordPress specialist who keeps up with the latest technology and advancements.
  • Masses of sales & marketing experience from a previous career with a blue-chip corporate.

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